Post cycle therapy

In the above scheme, in which the muscle post cycle therapy set , the reason for the activation of satellite cells, labeled with a question mark. Actually the scheme is very intuitive and if you carefully read my previous articles on the issues it should arise.

Let's make some conclusions about what they see in the second image. After that, begin to fold and wrap up and finally understand how there is a set of muscle mass.

Intense physical activity, leading to the destruction of muscle tissue and activates the synthesis / div satellites, require a long period of rest. So for example, a process of purifying the muscles from the remnants of the damaged tissue, which prevents muscle gain can last from several hours to several days. While here you will understand everything yourself, pain peaks during this process significantly different from the add afterwards. At least another day you'll need on the synthesis of the satellites and the regeneration of the tissue itself. Just do not forget about the time spent on the increased synthesis of RNA and tumor nuclei and building protein. After all, without these processes, the creation of new muscle fibers to become simply impossible.

As a result, the heavy load aimed at the destruction of tissues should be used with considerable intervals. Put simply, such training is not aimed at a set of muscle mass, it is necessary to practice no more frequently than once a week. At the same time, we understand that in order to achieve significant progress, we need more than one workout per week. What post cycle therapy we can do in such a situation.To solve this problem, I recommend two, perhaps the most positive ways. Techniques significantly more, but I have chosen two of the most effective and best.

The first method.

Dividing a long training cycle into smaller periods of various kinds. This is usually two mesocycle so-called basic or standard, and predsorevnovatelny or reinforced aimed at weight set .

The basic cycle must practice hard training aimed at microinjuries muscle fibers. As I said, their frequency should not exceed one workout per week.

The task of precompetitive cycle is squeezing the maximum out of the opportunities of your body and of the results obtained during basic training, ie we have been intensively working on new volumes of muscle mass on a set weight.

For this reason, the amount of training in predsorevnovatelny period should be reduced. It is a few workouts a week, aimed at developing a muscle, not a set of masses as a whole. In no case do not overdo it, muscle damage during this period can lead to the collapse of the entire training cycle.

The second method.

The second method basically allows you to combine and long breaks between workouts and do heavy exercise, aimed at weight set, and, of course, the division of satellite cells. This approach or methodology is based on a different orientation training, as in the previous case, however, there are significant differences: workout data cycled, ie, alternate with each other.

The peculiarity of this type of exercises aimed at the set mass, post cycle therapy is that when they are used, there is no particular peaks expressed in physical shape, i.e. Trainings take place smoothly, without there was a decline, and the other affecting the athlete's physical shape factors. This approach, as no other provide maximum increase stamina.

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